I love this mini-lecture from Ira Glass. He discusses how we artists are often vexed by the gap between the vision we have in our heads and the disappointment we sometimes feel in the final result of our efforts. And he has one simple solution to closing that gap.

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  4. Amy says:

    I love this. It reminds me of a bluegrass mandolin course I took. People wanted to know to build up callouses on the fingertips so they weren’t sore. They shared rememdies of soaking them in surgical spirit and wanted to know which was the best. The instructor simply said:

    “Play. A lot”


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  8. Kathy D Shields says:

    I plan to share this video with my 5th grade students. Amy also makes an excellent point using the mandolin/ callous metaphor.

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  13. ROB GUBATAN says:

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  14. Corky Swanson says:

    Writing is more work than talking, but Godin’s point is well taken. Practicing writing in public offers a way to become as comfortable writing as talking. I might add a consideration that although Godin is correct that talker’s block is rare, with more experience in public writing, people might become more parsimonious with their words in either medium.

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