No presentations with titles like “Effective management thru visualization!”









No slides with lines like “follow your heart to creativity!”









No advice like “let your creativity sparkle brightly!” ever.









No fluffy non-speeches like “be more creative in three easy steps!”









No slides that say “creativity is courage” ever.









No cliches about “don't be afraid to try!”









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Site Redesign Keeps Area Blogger Offline for Months. (Remaining Follower, Nancy. B., Looks Forward to New Design.)


5th edition comes out January 2016.

5th edition comes out January 2016.

Hello again, Nancy C., of Hackensack, New Jersey.

Thanks for your patience. As you — my remaining reader — know, it is a cardinal sin for bloggers to go any length of time without a new post. A blog can fall off the public’s radar. Audiences tend to move on.

But not you, Nancy. Again, my profound thanks.

Today’s posting, in fact, has been customized entirely for you, Nancy B., of Hackensack, New Jersey.

Fifth edition of Hey Whipple to release in January 2016 (at Hackensack Barnes & Noble outlet, 187 Riverside Square Mall, just across from cemetery.)

The long-awaited fifth edition of the popular advertising book will release on January 16, 2016, Nancy. It will be available at the Barnes & Noble just down from your house – you know, at the Riverside Mall.

Of particular interest to you, Nancy, is the fifth edition’s contributing author, Edward Boches. Edward’s vast experience and expertise in all things social, digital and interactive bring great new content to the book, now in its 16th year of print.

During his 31 years at agencies like Mullen and Hill Holiday, Edward went from being an enthusiastic early adopter of digital, to thought leader and recognized expert. Today Edward is a professor at Boston University’s College of Communication, passing his wisdom onto a new generation.

Nancy, you probably already know about Edward’s popular blog, “Creativity Unbound.” It continues to attract new followers (as do many blogs that regularly publish good content and don’t drop off the edge of the earth every time the author’s phone rings).

I will be posting again soon. Welcome back, Nancy.

A very cool quotation from Faris Yakob’s cool book “Paid Attention: Innovative Advertising for Digital World.”

41a5ALVYfML._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_“Working in advertising can make you cynical, but if you can aspire to look yourself in the mirror and see the kind of person your 8- or 14-year-old self would not hate – if you can treat people and customers and clients and vendors and the world with respect; not attack people nor their work; not be petty or cruel; if you can be open to the opinions of others and be willing to change your mind; not worship money above friendship or honor nor let your heart get hard; if you can stay in love with creativity; spend time working for the good of the industry, especially the young people; and if you can remain thankful there are jobs that let you have ideas for a living and wear jeans and T-shirts to work – then advertising is a fine profession and one to be proud of.”


I strongly recommend Faris’s book. You can get it here at amazon. This one excerpt really doesn’t reflect what the book is about, which is mostly about how to kick ass in a digital world, but I just happen to love it.



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